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PainPause™ Technology

“For me there is nothing more rewarding than helping patients get relief, but for many patients the fear of needles and injections can keep them from getting the help they truly need; that is why Novocur developed PainPause Technology. Our new PainPause Technology allows our doctors to treat even the most pain sensitive patients with our pain reducing treatments.”

– Dr. Alex Bigham, CEO, Novocur

PainPause Technology was designed by our doctors to help make advanced pain intervention procedures more comfortable for even the most sensitive patients. The medications and the techniques used by Novocur were developed to eliminate pain, not cause more.

The physicians at Novocur searched the globe to find advanced methods for eliminating pain. During our research we discovered exciting new techniques and devices that we incorporate into our regular treatment protocols to add both safety and comfort.

As an added benefit, we use these techniques for every procedure we do, which is why many of our patients describe our procedures as “just a little pressure” or “nothing at all.” This amazing benefit you’ll find only at Novocur.

Designed to Treat Even Hypersensitive Cases

Fibromyalgia and migraine sufferers are hypersensitive to any stimulus, especially needles. This unfortunate problem makes these patients highly difficult to treat during acute pain episodes. Fibromyalgia sufferers can feel extreme pain even from the slightest touch to their skin. This hypersensitivity presents a problem when a doctor attempts to deliver medication to the source of their pain, because a needle must penetrate the skin. Novocur developed PainPause Technology specifically to solve this problem.

“We understand that there is always a possibility for discomfort – everyone’s pain tolerance is different – but we take extra steps and care to make our procedures a positive healing experience.”

– Dr. Alex Bigham, CEO, Novocur